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On August 31, 2015, the lease at Athletes Advantage will end. A renewed 5 year lease is approximately $850,000. We have always been able to remain affordable in the past because of our physical therapy revenues. This is no longer the case. Insurance reimbursements for physical therapy services drop every year and are expected to continue doing so. With a 30% reduction in rehabilitation insurance reimbursements, not only has it become impossible for our rehab services to support Athletes Advantage, but the patient volume demand to maintain finances makes it impossible for me to spend quality time with people anymore. This is not what I can consider acceptable or practical.


On August 31, 2015, Athletes Advantage will close its doors.


It has been an extreme blessing and honor to serve and provide our services over the past 12 years at our Wellington location. I truly cherish the many relationships that have been birthed at 11120 South Crown Way. Thank you to everyone: staff, patients, athletes, clients and community supporters for the special decade plus run you have provided.


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